Ceramic Fish Cave


Ceramic Fish Cave 00004

Specially made of ceramic material that possess filtration function for aquarium, safe and non toxic.

Create a natural and living environment for fish and there are two holes where offer much room to let fish go inside this and hide or to sleep.
Provides shelter, hiding spots, entertainment venues for the fish.
Offer the natural environment feeling and It is vividly and color detailed to add lively life to your tank.
Special design for fish, Pleco, Shrimp, Betta fish etc,.
or Betta Fish Amano Shrimp Cichlid Bonsai to Play, Hide and Rest
It can provide an excellent shelter for fish and decorate your aquarium with minimum maintenance.
It is safe for all terrariums, aquariums, fresh water, salt water, do no harm to fish and other aquatic animal.
Usage: use the cool water to clean it, and soak it for three hours, then leave it a day before putting it into tank.
Caution: avoid high temperature; do not use the hot water to clean it.
Material : Ceramic.
Item Size(approx.): 10cm x 2.5cm x 7cm/4" x 1" x 2.7"(L*W*H).
Package Include: 1 x Aquarium Decoration.

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