Cattapa leaves


Cattapa leaves 00005

or great tanin-rich water, or to achieve the amazon look, catappa leaves make the perfect leaf litter.

About this item
Size L (Leave size : 7-12 / 18~31cm ) x 10 Leaves suits to medium size fish tank. Recommend using 1 leave per 50 liters of water. Instruction: First, choosing size of Tantora Catappa leaves that suits to the size of your tank and water volume. After putting the leave into the tank, it will gradually release substances benefits to fish and shrimps. The water will turn yellowish and eventually light brown. The leave will sink to the bottom of the tank within 24 hours and will be soften after a few days, which will also be nutritious organic food for fish and shrimps. The leave need to be replaced every 7-14 days. Tip : For shrimp breeders whod like to feed their shrimp with Catappa leaves without blackening the water, try putting the leaves in boiling water for 10-20 minutes before putting it in the tank.

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