Avatar Floating Rocks


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YOUR OWN UNDERWATER WORLD OF AVATAR --- Give your aquarium a touch of absolute magic. Be inspired by the imaginative world of Avatar and recreate a rock suspension landscape that defies all laws of gravity.

LIGHT & EASY TO USE --- Floating Rocks are naturally light and buoyant. When they float, they do look ethereal and captivating. Now no more fuss over making sure your anti-gravity-looking landscape stays in tack. Please note, one packet of item contains 3 rocks, 3 suction cups and a clear fishing thread that will help you tie the rocks and make it look transparent.NON-TOXIC & SAFE FOR FISH --- The rocks can be put together in any form you like. And because Avatar Rocks are designed to be tied together and not glued, it's safer for all your aquatic pets.

ROCKY & MAJESTIC, OR LUSH & GREEN? --- The surface of the floating Rocks are beautiful on its own. But the naturally occurring crevices are also great for plants to take root. Use rocks by itself to create a landscape of mystery or grow aquatic plants on them to transform your aquarium into a robust wonderland. The call is yours!

NATURAL ROCK WITH HEALING PROPERTIES --- floating rocks absorb the water's harmful bacteria and heavy metals. Over a long period of time, it imparts good minerals that are conducive to fish and plant growth.

How To Use:

1) Tie the fishing line to the suction cup. Stick the suction cup to the bottom of the tank.
2) Now, tie the other end of the thread, to the rock with Java or flame moss, (If you want it to be without any moss, keep it without moss). The rock will float in water then.

* Avatar Rocks are not affiliated with the movie or its director.

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