At the time of writing this I have 517 posts on instagram, which is a lot I’ve realized! I went back through them all and picked 15 tank pictures which were my absolute favorites. I picked them for a variety of reasons, either a beloved pet, an artistic shot, or the perfect action shot. I included the amount of likes they got for fun. I’m sure some posts I just tried harder on than others, and a lot of them are early on in my IG career. They’re  in no particular order, and I included a brief description of each about why I picked them.

 1. Stephan

This is Stephen he’s a sneaky parrot cichlid. He loves photos. I love the contrast between the 2 greens in the plants and the bright orange fish. It was also a really cool zoom shot! He’s named after a friend of mine who said ‘name your weirdest fish after me’

Only 21 likes! Lol. Poor underrated Stephan


2. Pink

The fish in this photo is a bosemani rainbow named Tod. I miss him dearly. The reasons I chose this pic is obvious as it’s definitely all about the brightpink. This was the best my hygrophilia sunset has ever looked. This picture is also highly underrated at only 33 likes.

3. Todd

Aw this is another cute picture of Tod and my Turquoise rainbow. Tod was originally a pair, Rod and Tod, hence the weird name. I love how you can see his little smiling face. And I don’t think this is edited much; the picture just had a vintage feel to it from my Kessil light. 86 likes.

4. Frogtte 


This is Frogette! I’ve had a lot of ADF over the years but she is by far my fav/ this is also my best ADF photo, they are elusive creatures. I also love the whole seen with the wood, moss and marble. 101 likes for my baby


Krib Babies

These krib are probably 4 month old and were raised in the community tank with their parents. I love the contrast and mirrored pose of these two. This is a shot of a lifetime for me, and is definitely my top 3 favorite picture. It’s not easy to catch them tandem like this. 136 likes

6.Scarlet Badis

I’m in love with this piture. It shows the awesome contrast of colours in my nano tank. Once again it has that kind of vintage hue with the dark purple crypt and faded pink althernathera reinecki. Scarlet Badis looks so cool in the shade of the moss tree. 102 likes

7. Ramsorn Snail

This picture was a miracle as I don’t usually get that yellowish hue in my nano tank as it’s just a boring led light. This exemplifies the perfect ramshorn snail and the buce ain’t too shabby either. This is also a really well-timed photo, they’re pretty fast snails. I breed these guys and sell them in the shop for anyone interested! 107 likes


8. Necardinia Shrimp

I feel this is one of my best contrast photos. I’m obsessed with colour and to me this the most perfect green, and the most perfect yellow. I want to paint a room these colours. I also love the detail in the flame moss. Unfortunately I’ve had no luck keeping these pumpkin shrimp long term, as of yet!  He’s at a 96 but I still think he deserves more!

9. Acara

I love this shot of my electric blue akara named Akagi. I like it because it is a shot that really shows what my tank  looks like in my house on the regular (it’s in the middle of my living room). He’s just always a stunna. I don’t think you need a total blackout to get a cool photo of a fish! A decent 178 likes

10. Samès Aquaruim


I. Love. This. Photo. I just think my scape is really unique and a shot like this really shows that. The ozolot red flame looks so good with the sparkle of the quartz geode behind it. I use this pic for a lot of my social media and business stuff, and I’m pretty proud of it. 98 likes. But It’s 100 in my heart.

11. Penelope

This is the most colourful my female krib Penelope has looked on camera. She’s part of a pair which has given me lots of babies over the years.  I love how it looks like she’s just popping out from behind the plant, because it’s definitely an action shot. It has the symmetry that I love with the other krib in the background. 124 likes.

12. Geode Slice

This pic really shows off the floating heart, and my precious geode slice. I like the detail in the photo when you can see the light reflecting off the particles in the water. It also shows most of the plants I keep in my 76 gal: ozolot red flame, amazon sword, hygrophilia, floating heart and bamboo. This picture was definitely post water change. 92 likes.

13. Hygrophilia Susnet

I love this photo . My plants have only ever looked like this at the specicirc time this picture was taken. They usually don’t look so green. The plant has much warmer tonnes, espescially since my Kessil is usually on yellow spectrum. But there’s not even a filter on this picture, and some how its still achieving those crisp green and white colours. Only  41 likes ! But it’s one of my fav photos!

14. Bow Front

I love this shot! My house is small so I cant get a good picture of my tank, but I think this one looks pretty realistic and shows that beautiful bow front. It looks pretty cool at night and makes great reflections on my ceilings! With 161 likes, its a solid 2nd place for most likes.

15. Shrimpette

Isn’t she a beauty??? This bamboo shrimp is large and in charge, and is definitely a fan favorite on my IG. I think the way the light reflects off the floating heart is so epic.

I hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I did! I find aquarium photography extremely challenging, especially since all I use is my Galaxy S7. While they may not be the most professional pictures you’ll see, I think they have a lot of charm and exemplify the plethora of life and colour I keep in my aquariums. Follow @samsaquariumz on instagram for more