Sam’s Aquariumz offers professional maintenance services for the Nanaimo Area in B.C. Canada. Services are offered by 15+ year expert aquarist Samantha Glassen.

These services include:

Informational Tutorials: Learn how to set up and maintain a tank yourself! Great for kids and parents. A one-time crash course on how to create a proper eco-system that will sustain a long and healthy life for your fish and how to get started in the hobby.

Tank Design: Selection of tank, substrate, filtration, fish and plants. Unique one of a kind tank design from start to finish based on your style, and the fish’s natural habitat. Create a sophisticated, stand-out tank for the home or office.

Initial Set Up: Tank cycling services include bacterial boost for water and filtration, as well as nitrate, ammonia, and nitrite monitoring. Get your tank started right with less fish loss.

Maintenance: Fish tank cleaning services for one time only neglected tanks, or for regular water change services. Great for small businesses or home owners.

Aquascaping: Unique plant design, cultivation and trimming using beginner- expert level plants for stunning professional- grade tanks at home.

Contact for quotes and more detailed service offerings.